Dynamic Mental Training is the most powerful way to create real lasting change in your life.

A step-by-step process to enhance concentration and relieve physical tension

Build a toolkit to consistently feel more at ease in all your efforts and find more enjoyment in your daily life. 

When it comes to managing stress, many short term solutions don't get down to the actual issue. They are treating symptoms of stress instead of the fundamental cause. 

With DMT you dive deep into the sensitivity of your own nervous system. You will learn how to interject focused intention to release deeply held tension in your body and cultivate the power and strength to balance the ups and downs of daily living. With control over your own life you have the freedom to find enjoyment and fulfillment in any situation.  

Dynamic Mental training is the power to refine your mental fitness

We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” - Greek poet Archilochus




In week one you will understand and feel comfortable with the entire process of progressively moving through the body and using the mind and breath to release tension.


Attention Circuits

You build upon the ability to relax and sharpen your attention through a series of navigational exercises. Like a mental workout, these circuits develop strength in your ability to focus and relax even deeper.



Having developed a powerful level of sensitivity in your nervous system, you will master the four fundamental elements of sensation. Giving you the ability to consistently concentrate and uproot the deep causes of mental and physical stress.

What would you do if you had more energy?

What would you do if you could spend more time doing the things you love?

Mindfulness and Meditation are buzz words lately and thousands of people are learning this profound skill to improve their mental and physical health. 

The problem is, most of us find it incredibly difficult to quiet our mind and sit in silence. 

Myself included. Thats why I created Dynamic Mental Training. 

If you’ve ever desired a simple and direct approach to gaining the benefits and advantages of a calm and more focused mind, you’re in the right place.


Hi, I'm Brock

I'm here to help

20 years ago I was at a point in my life where I had to make a choice. I was burnt out and overworked, and the stress was affecting my health and ability to enjoy life. I felt like I had to choose between a life of grind and stress or a life of happiness and health.

From psychedelics, and philosophy to qigong and yoga, I explored any practice I could find to sharpen my mind and reduce stress. When I discovered meditation, I knew it was the path to take...only problem was.. I found it impossible to quiet my mind! 

I spent months searching for a shortcut or advantage that would help me find some peace of mind. Books, workshops and courses all described moments of stillness that I had yet to feel. What was I doing wrong? Maybe this wasn’t for me after all?

Until I found my own way to practice. 

I took everything I had learned and integrated a new way to train that worked for me. 

Immediately my life began to change. 

I found myself more calm and connected, capable of concentrating for long periods of time. In every part of my life performance improved and my mood stayed balanced and relaxed even in moments of duress.

I am not a guru, I'm just a man who struggled and persevered through countless hours of practice and have learned some powerful insights along the way. Dynamic Mental Training is the most powerful way to optimize your life and avoid burnout, and my mission is to get you there without years of struggle and frustration.